Utilization of Ultrasound for Beauty 2023

Utilization of Ultrasound for Beauty 2023

Skin and cosmetic techniques through non-surgical procedures are in great demand from the public. This is because it is pain-free, injury-free, the treatment time is relatively short, and results are immediately visible. One of them is a skin tightening technology using sound waves (ultrasonic waves) and a technology that brightens the skin color using laser energy of a specific wavelength. Ultrasounds are nothing out of the ordinary in the world of health. We know ultrasound for further examination and diagnosis of diseases. However, with the development of technology and current research, ultrasound has penetrated not only for health but also for beauty.

What Is Ultrasound Actually?

Ultrasound is an imaging tool commonly used to diagnose various diseases and other health conditions. Ultrasound has the ability to create sound waves that resonate when projected onto the body. These waves create images that can be used to diagnose disease. Besides providing pictures or imaging to diagnose disease, ultrasound is also used in physical therapy. Recently, however, ultrasound has begun to be applied in aesthetic medicine for anti-aging therapy by stimulating the formation of new collagen in the face, neck and chest area.

How Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound has the mechanical ability of sound waves with frequencies above 20,000 Hz. Ultrasound also transmits waves in a longitudinal direction, so it can enter tissues where biological effects are expected. One of the biological effects of ultrasound is its ability to conduct heat. This thermal effect is used in cosmetic applications to stimulate the formation of new collagen, which can provide a lifting or tightening effect to the skin.

Ultrasound Technology

The Importance Of Collagen In The Skin

The word collagen itself comes from a Greek word meaning to make sticky or adhesive. In our body, collagen is actually one of the proteins that make up the body. Its presence accounts for about 30% of all proteins found in the body, and it has been found that about 70% of our skin is composed of collagen. Research according to maxbet.top the presence of 70% collagen in our skin makes the skin more elastic, supple, supple and moist. People who still have collagen-rich skin look younger and wrinkle-free.

Ultrasound For Beauty

As we age, our ability to form collagen decreases. This is what affects the condition of the skin in old age. Saggy, wrinkled and sagging skin is common in older women and men or in the beauty world, and is referred to as the “aging process”. The key to anti-aging is to promote new collagen production by conducting heat. Due to the nature of collagen as a protein, it loses its tertiary and secondary structures when exposed to external pressures such as chemical compounds or heat, which is called “protein denaturation” in medicine.

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How Can Ultrasound Rejuvenate The Skin?

A classic example of protein denaturation can be seen in egg whites. The egg white, freshly hatched from the egg, is clear and runny. However, when egg whites are cooked over heat, they become opaque, forming a dense, sticky mass. And this is what happens to the collagen in the dermal layer of our skin when exposed to the thermal stimulation of ultrasound. It becomes hard and dense, so that the epidermal layer of the skin over it is also pulled and tightened. The heat delivered by ultrasound reaches 60-70 °C. higher than stimulation using radio frequency technology, which is only 38-50 °C. The ultrasound waves delivered are as deep as 4.5 mm, or the connective tissue between muscle and skin. This new technology opens the door to anti-aging therapies. Ultrasound effects may be an option for some people who are still afraid of plastic surgery. Because aging continues, regular collagen stimulation is necessary to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

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