5 Health Problems That Ultrasound Can Detect

Ultrasound exams may be recommended for men and women of any age if a doctor thinks it is necessary. The goal is to confirm the diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be obtained.

What health problems and diseases does an ultrasound detect? Read on to learn more.

How Does Ultrasound Work?

Ultrasound or ultrasonography (sonogram) is an examination test that uses high-frequency sound waves to describe the condition of the organs in the body.

When an ultrasound is done, the part of the body being examined is coated with a gel. Then the doctor moves a lever called a transducer over that part of the body. Transducers direct high-frequency sound waves into the body and local body fluids. These sound waves are sent back to the machine in the form of electrical signals and converted into images. You can see an image of your own body on the monitor screen.

What Health Problems Can An Ultrasound Scan Reveal?

In addition to pregnancy test drugs, ultrasound can detect health problems in the following areas:

1. Bile System

Any disease or disorder related to the biliary system can be detected by ultrasound.

The gallbladder is located between the intestines and the liver. It holds bile in the liver until it is released into the intestines to aid in digestion. Bile is a yellow-green fluid involved in the digestion of fats. Bile forms and crystallizes over time. This can lead to health problems such as gallstones and cholecystitis. Pancreatic problems, including those that can be detected by ultrasound of the bile ducts

2. Urinary System (Urinary)

Ultrasound examination can detect and provide a clear picture of problems in the urinary tract, which starts from the kidneys to the bladder. Diseases or medical conditions that can be detected include hydronephrosis (enlarged kidneys), kidney tumors, thickening of the urinary tract wall, to undescended testicles in children and twisted testicles (testicular torsion).

3. Cardiovascular System (Heart And Blood Vessels)

An ultrasound of the heart is also called an electrocardiogram. This test is usually performed with a Doppler ultrasound, which is primarily used to measure blood flow in the heart and large blood vessels. A red and blue image will appear.

With echocardiography, you can see immediately how well the heart is functioning and the structure is working accurately. An ultrasound of the heart can tell you how the heart valves move, the walls of the heart, and how well blood flows in the heart chambers.

With this tool you can see if your heart is functioning properly, especially if it is done after a heart attack.

4. Appendicitis

Appendix (appendix) — inflammation of the appendix due to obstruction. The cecum is a small tubular structure attached to the beginning of the large intestine. The appendix has no particular function, but if it ruptures, it can be life-threatening.

When viewed through an ultrasound examination, the picture that will appear is that the appendix will be larger than usual and there is thickening of the wall of the appendix. If any of your relatives or family are doing an ultrasound examination, you can also play online gambling on this site https://surgadewaslot.net/ while waiting.

5. Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Swollen lymph nodes and other problems can be reported to doctors. (swelling of the lymph nodes, lymphadenitis)

Swollen lymph nodes are more common in children. The immune system of the lymph nodes continues. The cause of the swelling is a sore throat, a viral infection. Ear infections Tooth infections Bacterial infections and HIV/AIDS

Apart from checking the condition of the pregnancy and the five types of problems above, an ultrasound examination can also be done on the throat and vagina according to what the doctor needs to examine. The size of the transducer stick can vary, depending on the location of the examination.

What Are The Side Effects Of An Ultrasound Examination?

Ultrasound examination may cause a temporary burning sensation at the examination site during imaging. However, ultrasound is a safe medical procedure and has no side effects or serious long-term complications.


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